Ron Van Ostenbridge – CEO Gary Spears – President

On January 8th 2016 Bari Woodwind Supplies LLC. was purchased by Gary Spears and Ron Van Ostenbridge which is now named Bari Woodwinds, Inc. Both Gary and Ron were partners with Bari before the sale for the prior eleven years. Ron Van Ostenbridge has been involved in manufacturing which includes injection molding and upper management of global-wide manufacturing companies for the past thirty-five years.  He is now currently the CEO/Managing Partner of Bari Woodwinds, Inc.  Gary Spears has been involved in manufacturing for the past twenty-one years in an engineering capacity which specializes in the design and build of manufacturing equipment. Gary has designed production equipment that has been used worldwide in which most equipment has been industry specific. He has designed and built production equipment for Bari which has given us a more consistent product, as well as helping us contain cost to our valued customers. Gary is now currently the President/Managing Partner of Bari Woodwinds, Inc. Ron and Gary have been best of friends and associates who have worked closely together for the past twenty-two years which we feel makes a great combination.