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DAVID KUPSICK and Facebook/The Joy of Sax

"My horns may sit for over an hour, yet are always ready when called upon because of the consistent, instantaneous, full response from BARI reeds!"

Originally from Ridley Park, PA, tenor and soprano saxophonist David Kupsick plays a variety of music from Gospel, Cool/Classic Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Pop.  With an early interest in music, David excelled at clarinet and alto saxophone throughout high school and college.  While playing in the Georgia Tech and Florida Atlantic University Jazz ensembles in the '80's, he discovered and began playing BARI reeds.  David then added tenor saxophone to his music arsenal, crediting John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Grover Washington Jr. as influences.  As an active, working musician in South Florida, David plays over fifty live events a year, in addition to Praise and Worship services on Sundays.

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