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FLORENCIO CRUZ and Facebook/Florencio Cruz

"Reeds are the most important tools to achieve a constant and faithful sound.  I have been using only Bari synthetic reeds for the past eight years, because they create the sound I need, and I can rely on them, knowing that my sound will never be affected by weather, temperature or heavy use.  People think it is a matter of comfort, but it is not.  There is a very flexible and rich sound behind Bari reeds and I just love them.  I use a Bari hard rubber (facing 74) mouthpiece for my soprano saxophone, and occasionally a Hybrid (facing 7) for my alto saxophone.  Once I heard Branford Marsalis talking about a Bari soprano mouthpiece and I went straight o the shop to try it out.  The result was incredible.  My sound on the soprano is warm but sharp.  It is the kind of mouthpiece that allows you to get different results by simply changing the embouchure.  The high quality materials and craftsmanship used by Bari Woodwinds is what makes the difference."

Producing a unique sound ranging from house to ambient music, Florencio Cruz writes music for saxophone and performs an improvised show where he combines his own experimental sound with house music.  He composes and plays a varied repertoire from house and electro-funk to chill-out and ambient music.  Constantly innovating and redefining the boundaries between musical genres, Florencio's music evolves as he searches for a perfect balance between past and future, concrete and abstract, acoustic and electronic.  Florencio developed his unique sound and technique over more than a decade of playing and performing with well-known artists and DJ's and producers in clubs throughout Europe, America and Asia.  He has performed alongside Seal, Ne-Yo, Diana Ross, Martin Solveig, Fatboy Slim, Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox, to name a few.  Florencio was born in Argentina in 1980.  After studying both classical and jazz saxophone for seven years he left an academic environment to travel the world, discover new cultures, and ultimately define his own sound and melodic language.  Florencio has over two million view on YouTube and a promising international career.

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