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The James White Band

New Jersey native, James E. White is a skilled saxophonist who has traveled internationally for over two decades, dazzling the crowd and mesmerizing audiences near and far.  James plays the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones.  He also plays clarinet and flute, and has over thirty years of experience as a Jazz, Blues, Gospel and R&B musician.

At the impressionable age of seventeen, he received a young artist recognition award from Governor Thomas Kean which helped to inspire James' passion for the woodwinds and his true love of the arts.  Some highlights of his career include performing at Show Time at the Apollo, and performing with jazz artists Jimmy Scott and Leo Johnson.  James has recorded and performed with various gospel artists, including Alvin Slaughter.  In addition to performing abroad in various venues, James is a gifted minister of music who directs and performs regularly at churches throughout the Tri-State area.  "Closer Than A Brother", Mr. White's debut CD, is played worldwide on Sirius/XM radio and on various U.S. and international stations.  He tours with the Dimensions Band Featuring Valerie Adams, performing throughout the U.S. and abroad.

James has studied classical clarinet with Phil Russo at the Hart School of Music, and studied jazz with the legendary jazz artists Jackie McLean, Grachon Moncour III, and Duke Anderson.  In addition to performing with the aforementioned bands, Mr. White also performs with The Brothers 2 + 2, Plex Entertainment, The Gashouse Gorillas, and The James White Band.  James is a true Gospel, Jazz, and R&B sensation.  His soulful and captivating sound will inspire every listening ear to be moved by the power of music.  James' tantalizing style and stage presence commands attention and allows him to instantly connect with audiences.

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