Hybrid Gold Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


The Bari Hybrid Gold alto saxophone mouthpiece bolsters a unique fusion of hard rubber and metal! The comfort and feel of the hard rubber combined with the weight of the metal increases the versatility of sound you can achieve from the Bari Hybrid saxophone mouthpiece. Any saxophone player can achieve excellent projection and intonation with the Bari Hybrid saxophone mouthpiece. Providing a full and focused sound, the Bari Hybrid saxophone mouthpiece is perfect for jazz saxophone players, fusion saxophone players, and studio saxophone players. To top it off, the Bari Hybrid saxophone mouthpiece comes hand polished in a high gloss finish.

Mouthpiece Facings
  • Warning

    Most mouthpieces are made out of brass which can contain up to 3% lead.  The lead in the brass is one of the components that give this particular brass its hardness or rather its softness which makes it have a pleasing sound to musicians. Proposition 65 from the state of California requires manufactures to label any products that have compounds in them that have been found to cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm. Lead is one of these compounds. Bari Woodwinds, Inc. mouthpieces are electroplated with a layer of copper, then a layer of Nickel, Silver, Rhodium or Gold. This electroplating ensures that the raw brass is never in contact with the player.


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