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R.W. Enoch, Jr. received formal music training at Princeton University, studying composition under Paul Lansky and Dmitri Tymoczko and jazz saxophone under Ralph Bowen.  His studies focused on orchestration and arranging for large ensembles, including pieces written for symphony orchestra, jazz band and marching band, and his works typically fused genres in atypical combinations, such as jazz and classical, or Latin and reggae.  While at Princeton, Enoch was commissioned to create the theme for a new sports news weekly out of Elon University called "One on One Sports" which later went on to win a 2009 Academy Award for best news program of its kind.  He also placed second in Virginia Commonwealth University's first annual Jazz Composition Competition.  In addition to his work at Urban Renewal Productions, R.W. Enoch, Jr. also enjoys a successful career playing saxophone in Los Angeles and leading The Urban Renewal Project, a big band that explores the boundaries between rock, pop, jazz, and hip-hop.

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