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"I've been using Bari products since the early 90's, and they immediately brought my sound and playing to the next level.  Consistent reeds were only a dream before I tried Bari.  Imagine taking the "X" factor out of reed response and focusing on your tone instead!  Bari mouthpieces opened up a dynamic range that I had not been able to access before.  From battling screaming rock guitars and B3 organs to a super quiet jazz trio gigs, Bari products have never let me down."

Ronnie Dee aka Ronnie Dinicola hails from NYC, but it proud to call Tampa, Fl is home.  Ronnie plays all genres of music from funk to swing to classic rock to FM pop.  He has recorded with alternative-pop band Sugarwall.  Ronnie is the son of Joey Dee, 60's pop singer best known for the hit song "Peppermint Twist".

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