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After a false start on the piano when he was seven, Toby Karlin began playing the saxophone at age eleven.  He began with the alto sax and he now plays the full range of saxophones from soprano to bass, but the tenor sax is his principal woodwind instrument.  After attending The Colburn School for the Performing Arts while he was at high school, Toby spent four years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He graduated from Berklee in 2007 with a BA in Professional Music, a major in which one is permitted to choose which area you wish to concentrate on without restriction.  Toby's areas of study included Performance, Production, Engineering, and Composition.  During this time he also extended his range in numerous other instruments, including drums, hand percussion, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar and keyboards.  After touring across the country (visiting thirty-nine states) with The Remus Lupins, a leading group in the Wizard Rock revolution, he continued recording and performing as a multi-instrumentalist with two independent rock bands, Riot! Riot! in Los Angeles and Captain Pablo, which was formed at Berklee and continues to record even though their members are scattered around the world.  Toby also composes for Laura Karlin's Invertigo Dance Theatre, a new professional dance company in Los Angeles.  He currently works at International Woodwinds, Inc. where they make, repair and sell a variety of woodwind instruments, primarily saxophones.

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